Rubbing perfume between your wrists: myth or good idea?

Rubbing perfume between your wrists: myth or good idea?

Rubbing perfume between our wrists is something we've all done before, but is it really the right thing to do? Discover our answer in this article!

Several myths exist when it comes to beauty and among them it is possible to cite the vaporization of perfume. Very often, we are told that it is absolutely necessary to rub it between the wrists so that it lasts longer.

While some do it almost religiously, others are not necessarily convinced. So how do you know if it’s really a good idea or not? Should you continue to rub the perfume between your wrists? Find out all about it in this article!

Why should you never rub perfume between your wrists?

When it comes to spraying perfume, there are several tricks to adopt to make it last longer. There are also a multitude of mistakes that should not be made.

It turns out that rubbing the perfume between the wrists is one of those mistakes. So it’s a myth that needs to be stopped and passed on, but why are you going to ask, right?

Well, it is important to know that perfumes are made up of several molecules. This is what allows the scents to be revealed and possibly make them last longer.

By rubbing your perfume between your wrists, you are just breaking up those perfume molecules. This naturally leads to the alteration of the composition of the perfume which does not last very long, but fades quickly.

In reality, what happens when you rub your perfume between your wrists is that you heat up your skin and encourage it to secret enzymes. These can not only break molecules, but also modify them. As you will have understood, your perfume may no longer have the desired effect after this simple gesture which was instilled in us by mistake.

So if you want to make a splash with your brand new perfume and want to make sure it smells just right, avoid rubbing it between your wrists.

What other mistakes to avoid when spraying your perfume properly?

Aside from never rubbing your perfume between your wrists, there are quite a few other mistakes you should avoid when vaping your latest find. Among the said errors, it is possible to cite:

  • Spraying perfume in the bathroom;

  • Spraying perfume in the wrong places;

  • Do not test your perfume before buying it;

  • Not choosing a suitable formula.

Spraying perfume correctly is an art, which is why it is essential to adopt the right gestures and avoid others. As you know, everyone reacts differently to perfumes, that’s why you have to try each one before you buy it.

How to vaporize your perfume correctly?

It’s true that you should never rub your perfume between your wrists, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spray it there. This is also one of the best places to make the application last.

Therefore, it is important to know that you just have to spray your favorite perfume on your wrists without touching it. It is therefore sufficient to let it dry in the open air so as not to break the molecules or alter its rendering.

Also, it should be noted that there is another trick that you can implement to make your perfume last longer on your wrists. You can apply a greasy substance, but it must have no odor so as not to alter that of the perfume.

Therefore, vaseline would be one of your best allies to spray your perfume on your wrists and smell good all day. You can use this trick even in your neck and all the warm areas of your body, because they are the ones that will keep you smelling good for longer than usual.

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