How to perfume yourself well? : the rules to follow to smell good

How to perfume yourself well? : the rules to follow to smell good

Knowing how to put on perfume is an art! How far to spray its fragrance? Should we put it on the skin or on the clothes? How much? Answers in the following.

Before leaving home, in the morning to go to work or rather in the evening for an outing with family or friends, we all put on a little perfume. Some put a few drops behind the ears, while others prefer to put some on the neck, or even directly on the clothes. This gesture may seem trivial, but is more complex than it seems!

Put on perfume, it’s quite an art! And if we showed you how to master it, to smell good in all circumstances.

mettre du parfum c'est tout un art

The golden rule for good perfume

The main rule of thumb for using perfumes is to always use perfume sparingly, that is to say in small doses. As our sense of smell is solicited all day long by more or less pleasant smells, an exaggerated olfactory solicitation risks having the opposite effect than the one we expected at the start.

Perfume is also a symbol of refinement and seduction. When wearing perfume, remember to target the areas of your body that you want to highlight the most.

It is also advisable to spray the perfume from the right distance, neither too close to the skin nor too far, so that the scent is light and subtle. You will therefore have to place your fragrance at a distance of 10 to 20 centimeters from your skin and spray gently, without putting tons! Usually one spray is enough.

Alternatively, if you have a bottle without a sprayer, just open it, put your fingers in the opening, quickly flip the bottle and apply with your fingers a few drops of perfume directly to your skin.

Wearing good perfume: on the skin or on the clothes?

mettre du parfum c'est tout un art

When you put on perfume, it allows you to reveal a bit of yourself to others. This is why, it is first necessary not to be mistaken on the choice of your fragrance, which is generally purely personal. And you also have to know where to spray, either on the skin or on your clothes.

Put perfume on your skin

Of course, we all tend to perfume our skin, because the epidermis is the best placed to sublimate your fragrance and introduce it to the people around you. But you still need to know where on the skin to use perfume!

You don’t need to spray your whole body with perfume to smell good, there are specific areas called the “Pulse Points”:

  • Neck;
  • Neck ;
  • Cuffs;
  • Behind the ears.

Know that it is important to put perfume in the areas where the heat is concentrated. This allows the aromatic particles of fragrance to diffuse as well as possible.

The trick if you want to smell good with every movement, is to put a few drops of perfume on your joints. With each movement, a delicate and subtle scent will diffuse.

Put perfume on your clothes

Even if the skin remains the ideal support for putting on perfume, you can always be original by sprinkling your clothes with fragrance. But watch out for waste! because some fabrics are not the best placed to highlight the scents of your perfume. We’re talking about synthetic textiles that misconduct aromatic perfume particles. So consider favoring natural fiber fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, cashmere) if you want your perfume to look good on your clothes.

Also be careful not to stain your clothes with an excessive spray of perfume, only a few drops are enough.

The cloud of perfume: is it really effective?

Le nuage de parfum : est-ce réellement efficace ?

Normally, we tend to either spray perfume on our skin or on our clothes. What if we did it wrong?

Perfumers, on the other hand, advise to avoid spraying the perfume directly on the skin and instead spray it in front of you so as to make it an olfactory cloud, in which you will dive head first.

When you put on too much perfume, you won’t smell the nuances anymore. It’s the same if you put too little. To find the right balance, the ideal is to opt for the cloud of perfume.

This olfactory technique is a way like any other to perfume yourself which allows odors to impregnate more easily each part of your body and your clothes, so that you are perfumed in a homogeneous and uniform way.

What not to do when wearing perfume

When you wear perfume every day, whether by spraying the fragrance on your skin or on your clothes, there are a few things to avoid.

We mentioned above that some textiles render the aromatic scents of the perfume better than others. But you should know that fabrics such as silk for example are very fragile, only a few drops can leave marks. So remember to avoid perfuming your clothes when you wear silk. This also goes for when you sweat, the scent tends to turn off quickly. Avoid putting it on the areas of your body that sweat.

And finally, you should never, ever rub your perfume on the skin to impregnate it or make it dry faster, the olfactory particles disappear and the smell dissipates very quickly.

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