Our tips for going to the end of your diet: the techniques

Our tips for going to the end of your diet: the techniques

No matter what weight loss you're aiming for, following a diet from scratch without ever flinching is no trivial task. That's why we offer you 5 tips to get there easily.

The diets generally include a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet, without forgetting the practice of regular physical activity. Which can be long and exhausting, while the results are not seen right away.

Being able to hold on throughout your diet is often very difficult. Pizza, hamburger… temptation is never far away, which is why it’s so hard not to crack!

Rest assured, we have a few expert tips to share with you to help you get-to-the-diet, without ever breaking a sweat. . You just have to follow the guide.

Monitor your weight loss closely

Suivres sa perte de poids

Diets are a bit like resolutions, it’s hard to keep them throughout the year. And yet, there are certain reflexes that help you stay the course and motivate you. One of them is to track its progress.

Of course, before starting your diet, you probably set goals to achieve at all costs. The trick is that over the course of a diet, week by week, you follow your progress with a photo or by weighing yourself. All you have to do is step on the scale every morning and photograph your body in front of the mirror regularly. By comparing the results of last week, if you held on well, the difference will be seen. Which is very encouraging and allows you to keep your spirits up, so to go to the end of your diet.

Allow yourself deviations from time to time

Most diets are based on deprivation. Although it may sometimes be necessary for effective weight loss, it can lead to food frustration

We are all humans and we have the right to crack from time to time. You can therefore exceptionally allow yourself to eat a good burger, a pizza or even chocolate for the greediest during your diet. As long as it doesn’t become a habit, otherwise your diet will quickly fall apart!

Allowing deviations prevents you from being frustrated and allows you to have fun. Plus, that doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight, you just have to find the right balance.

To help you achieve this happy medium, we advise you to follow the 90/10 rule which says:

  • 90% of your meals should be healthy and balanced;
  • For the remaining 10% you can make room for spreads.

It should be noted that your gaps must remain reasonable, they must make you happy and help you stay on course, without making you take 2 waist sizes.

Sleep well at night

bien dormir

Everyone knows that when you sleep badly or not enough at night, you are on edge, even in a bad mood early in the morning. It can even cause us to end our diet.

In addition, lack of sleep leads to an increased secretion of ghrelin. This is a digestive hormone that makes us feel hungry. And the more hunger will be felt, the more you will want to stop your diet, which had started so well.

According to scientists, an adult needs 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. Whereas a teenager needs to sleep 8 and 10 hours every night. Even if your days are long, trying to have full nights will give you a huge boost in getting through your diet without breaking a sweat.

Establish diet menus and stick to them!

faire et suivre ses menus

A diet requires a minimum of organization. To prevent you from falling into snacking, it is important to establish menus for each day, that is 3 healthy and balanced meals per day to be respected within well-defined schedules. Above all, do not leave room for snacking.

To develop your meals, you will have to take into account the nutritional contribution of each food. For this step, we advise you to take advice from a dietician, who will help you design hearty, low-calorie meals.

If you are too hungry between meals, you can allow yourself smart snacks, that is to say, do not throw yourself directly on cakes or high-calorie chips. But opt ​​instead for a handful of dried fruit, which will fill you up quickly, without making you take 10,000 calories.

Avoid feeling too guilty if you crack

ne pas culpabiliser

A diet is a bit like a competition, it is played in the mind. If you crack, there’s no need to bemoan your fate, or even put an end to your diet.

Even if the deviations are the number 1 enemy of diets, because the more you crack, the more your long-awaited results will melt in the sun. It is important to be positive afterwards, by catching up by eating a balanced, low-calorie meal the next day. Steamed vegetables, eggs or even a low-fat yoghurt will allow you to quickly catch up on this behavior gap, not to be repeated if you want to have a wasp waist this summer!

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