The lowest calorie burger at McDonald's: which one to choose?

The lowest calorie burger at McDonald's: which one to choose?

Going to McDonald's is a headache for many people who don't want to ruin their diet. Discover here the lowest calorie burgers of this chain that we all love.

In the context of a diet, it can be very difficult to indulge yourself, but it is not impossible either. Indeed, if your friends or family decide to go to the McDo closest to you, know that there are certain options that you can choose from without spoiling your diet (or the exit at the same time).

We’re not talking about calorie-free burgers, let’s be clear. However, we are talking about lower calorie options than the others and it is perfect to please you without spoiling your results. Find out in this article what you can eat at McDo even if you are on a diet.

Which McDo burger to choose for a low-calorie alternative?

Mc Fish

When you’re on a roll and seeing results that make you happy, it can be really hard to go to McDonald’s. Indeed, this is a big step, because you want to treat yourself, but you don’t want to feel guilty either.

Well, know that you can completely have fun without throwing all your results in the trash. This is because there are certain burgers at McDonald’s that are much lower in calories than others. Among these, it is possible to cite:

  • The McFish;
  • The McChicken;
  • The McRanch.

Discover in the next lines more details on these options that can satisfy you and ensure that you stick to your diet.

The McFish

Mc Fish

McFish is one of the best options available to you when it comes to calorie deficit. When you go to McDo next time, you better take this burger which contains only 285 calories and it is even classified in category B nutri-score, which says a lot about its nutritional properties.

You can also take the option with two fish fillets instead of one, because it does not greatly change its calorific content. It is still an excellent alternative, especially because fish is a lean meat often recommended for diets.

Be careful, however, not to spoil it all with lots of sauces or fries. This is obviously a very bad idea, especially if you are on a diet.

The Little Ranch

Petit ranch

McDo’s P’tit Ranch is also a very good option when it comes to low calories, as it only contains 315 and it is also classified as category B. That is, as you can tell Note, a very good option, because in addition to being very greedy, it will not spoil your results and your weight loss.

So you can allow yourself a little madness with this burger from McDonald’s when you go out with your family or friends, isn’t that great news?

Mc Chicken

Mc Chicken

If you are not particularly attracted by the two previous options, know that you can always choose to take a Mc Chicken at McDo. It is also a burger that is not as high in calories as it contains about 439 calories.

It is true that it is more gourmet than the other options, but you can always choose it to treat yourself and it is obviously making its way into the Top 3 of the lowest calorie burgers on McDonald’s. So this is great news for maximum pleasure and minimum guilt.

What are the other low-calorie alternatives you can choose from McDonald’s?

Mc Chicken

At McDo, it’s not just burgers that you can eat choose to please yourself and not really consume a lot of calories. Indeed, several other alternatives are available to you and among them, it is possible to cite:

  • Le P’tit Fondu with 186 calories;
  • Croque McDo with 258 calories;
  • Me McMuffin Egg & Cheese with 271 calories;
  • The Egg & Bacon McMuffin with 297 calories;
  • The cheeseburger with 302 calories.

As you can see, these are options that can definitely fit into your diet. By going to McDo, you can completely indulge yourself with different dishes, whether you are a little hungry or not.

So you don’t have to restrict yourself or avoid having fun with outings with family or friends. You just have to learn to make better choices, which will keep you smiling and looking your best.

Besides, you may even notice that McDo is not as unhealthy as one might think. It is mostly received ideas that we receive, which is still very disappointing, because by making this kind of discovery, it is a surprise.

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After discovering the less calogical burger at Mc Do: