Lowest calorie burger at Burger King: which one is it?

Lowest calorie burger at Burger King: which one is it?

Who said that eating at Burger King had to be high in calories? Discover in this article the lowest calorie alternatives that you can choose!

As part of diets, we all have our own weak points. It turns out that the majority of people cannot do without their famous burger which is able to satisfy them and please them more than anything else.

Among the best burgers, it is possible to mention those of Burger King which are wonderful and which make everyone agree. However, most of them are high in calories, so choose wisely. So what are Burger King’s lowest calorie burgers? Find out all in this article!

The lowest calorie burgers at Burger King

Treat yourself at Burger King with as few calories as possible? It is now possible! Indeed, you read correctly, you can indulge yourself with minimum calories, which is still excellent news.

To do this, you must choose your burgers carefully, because as you can imagine, some are much lower in calories than others. Among them, it is possible to cite:

  • Double Cheese Bacon XXL;
  • The Junior Whooper;
  • The cheeseburger;
  • The hamburger.

These options are the ones you should choose if you want to indulge yourself and stay in shape. Find out more about all this in the next lines:

Double Cheese Bacon XXL

Double cheese bacon xxl

Contrary to what one might think, this burger is not the worst at Burger King , far from there. It is even one of the best options you can choose to stay fit. It contains around 390 calories, which is a lot, but not so much compared to other brand burgers.

It can also bring you a lot of other things, because this burger also contains 18 grams of protein, which makes it particularly beneficial for budding athletes.

The Whooper Junior

Whooper junior

This burger contains 300 calories, which is significantly less than the previous burger. It is also a very gourmet burger that is able to satisfy you no matter what. It is therefore a burger that can be very healthy.

In addition, it contains only 16 grams of lipid, which is relatively surprising, because it is still quite low for a burger that was taken for public enemy number one when it comes to diets.

The cheeseburger


Instead of looking far and wide for alternatives that can satisfy you, you can shorten your search by simply opting for the cheeseburger. With its 270 calories, it can give you the pleasure you need without stopping you from continuing your diet.

If you are a cheese fanatic, this burger is ideal for you. Do not hesitate to take it without feeling guilty, because it is one of your best options.

The hamburger


Another simple and effective alternative for the lower calorie burgers at Burger King is the hamburger. With its 230 calories, it’s the best burger you can choose for a moment of unparalleled pleasure.

In addition, it is one of the options that does not cost very much, which makes it an excellent option to have fun, be healthy and save money. Isn’t that a nice way to please yourself?

What are the other low-calorie alternatives at Burger King?

Alternative peu calorique chez burger king

Besides these burgers from Burger King, know that there are other options that you can choose if you want to treat yourself with few calories. These may not be the burgers you always think of, but they are arguably the nutritionally best.

Among them, it is therefore possible to cite:

  • The Little Grilled Chicken;
  • Onion Rings;
  • The Little Texas Bacon;
  • The Kingfish;
  • The Crispy Chicken.

These are, as you can see, burgers that are mostly made of lean meats or vegetarian products. So you can’t really escape reality, because to have the lowest calorie options, you have to choose the right foods.

Moreover, a tip can be offered to you if you are looking for solutions to help you eat healthier and with fewer calories at Burger King. You can indeed do without certain sauces. It’s no secret, because sauces are the most unhealthy thing.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to eat your burgers dry, but quite simply that you have to limit your consumption of sauce. Instead of taking three or four, you can take just one, which can do just fine.

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