About Mademoiselle Bulle

Mademoiselle Bulle is a women’s magazine, made by women, for women.

Mademoiselle Bulle is to assume to be a woman, in a world that changes every day. Sometimes in our favour, sometimes in reverse. Always remember where you come from and where you want to arrive, without getting lost on the way.

Mademoiselle Bulle is to appreciate the small pleasures of life with lightness. The real treasures of life are made of small things that are sometimes so insignificant at first sight. Knowing how to see them and appreciate them is our secret for permanent happiness.

Mademoiselle Bulle, it’s like taking time for yourself. How to have time if not by taking it? Time, this moment that always moves forward, inexorably. Learn to take your time, a safe bet.

Mademoiselle Bulle, it’s to be a woman. Quite simply.