Olympe Milady

Olympe Milady

Never without my human, Diana goes wherever I go.

It was at the age of 2 months that I chose my human companion. I pointed it out to him when I came to sleep under his chair the first time we saw each other. Since that day, Diana goes everywhere with me. Impossible to take a step without seeing her in front of me.

By accepting this human into my life, I also discovered an Australian riverbank called Jango Star. I think his name hits him a bit in the brain. I love making myself respected and reminding him who wears the panties at home.

Fashion, I make it. Sometimes princess, sometimes muddy, it’s me who imposes the style. If you have problems with knots in your hair, I have a lot of experience to share with you.

Gourmet, I have a great preference for steamed vegetables. I eat everything, really everything, but I will never be made to eat just anything.

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