5 mistakes to avoid when dieting: discover them

5 mistakes to avoid when dieting: discover them

When you're on a diet, you make a lot of unhealthy mistakes. Discover them in this article, because they may surprise you.

Having a few extra pounds is a horror for many people. We all know that post-holiday feeling when you step on the scale and it shows a number that scares us.

We then challenge ourselves to lose this weight quickly and we immediately opt for a promising diet. Although taking control of your life and your health is an excellent initiative, it is possible that by wanting to do well, you are doing the opposite. There are several mistakes to avoid when dieting, discover them in this article!

What are the mistakes to avoid when dieting?

We have all had the experience of going on a diet, but not seeing any results. It’s obviously very frustrating and very discouraging, but don’t worry, it’s not a problem with your body.

Indeed, you can lose weight like anyone else, but you still need to find the right balance and the right tips. It should therefore be noted that in the majority of cases, you make mistakes that prevent you from seeing results.

Here are the 5 mistakes we all make when we finally decide to go on a diet:

  • Skipping meals to lose weight quickly;

  • Eating excessively in the evening;

  • Eat a lot of low-fat products;

  • Not eating the right micro and macronutrients;

  • Turn to diets that are too restrictive.

Find out in the following lines why these errors can harm you and why you should no longer apply them.

Skip meals

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We have all believed and thought that by eating less, it is possible to lose weight more quickly and effectively. Well, that is simply not true and it is a received idea that must absolutely be avoided.

In fact, to obtain results more quickly during your diets, you must remember that your body needs to nourish itself correctly. Then stop seeing it as an enemy, because it is rather your ally.

You probably hear people say that you have to listen to your body, but that’s not a myth. This is what can truly bring you the best results when dieting because by having satisfaction and satiety, you can lose weight more effectively.

By the way, by skipping your meals, you can be very hungry and eat excessively during your next meal. So it can only have the opposite effect that you want to have. Then think about the principles of the typical day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Overeating at night

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Often, when you don’t eat enough during the day or when you skip meals, you end up starving when the evening comes. It’s what drives us to overeat and as you can imagine, it’s a mistake not to make when dieting.

Besides, this is a mistake that should not be made at all, because it is an extremely unhealthy habit. Since dinner is the last meal of the evening, you don’t have a lot of time to digest.

It should be noted that when you go to bed, your body stores a lot of fat, which is why you have to feed it intelligently in the evening. It is often advisable to opt for light and not stuffy meals. This is the best way to achieve satiety without ruining your diet results.

Move towards light and reduced products

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The ultimate mistake that everyone tends to make when dieting is to turn to low-fat products and what a mistake! Moreover, you should know that against all odds, these light products are very strongly discouraged as part of a diet.

Of course, it’s not just about light products, but about all ancillary products such as fat-free, sugar-free, etc. As you might expect, this is simply a myth that you need to avoid.

These are above all products with a certain market value, because the manufacturers are mainly based on the marketing aspect and do a lot of misleading advertising. They hide the true nutritional values ​​of these products behind a healthy and ideal image for fast and effective weight loss.

In addition, in addition to the fact that these are unhealthy and nutritious products and not recommended, you should know that they are quite restrictive. This will therefore push you to rush towards unhealthy products and this is not good for a diet.

Cut out fat and carbs

Very often in diets, we tend to think that certain foods are good and others bad. We therefore always tend to think that fat and carbohydrates must be eliminated immediately. In this case, we turn to an excessive consumption of protein.

As you can imagine, this is extremely bad, whether for your health or your diet. Moreover, in the same vein, it is important not to rely on calories. There’s no point in counting them.

Instead, it’s important to strike a balance in order to give your body everything it needs to function as it should while shedding the extra pounds. In addition, we must not forget that there are “good fats”.

It is possible to find them in healthy foods like avocados, olive oil, etc. It is therefore not necessary to eliminate everything, but to consume in moderation all food groups.

Opt for a restrictive diet and play sports without monitoring

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Generally, when we realize that we have gained a lot of weight, we want to lose it quickly and we then turn to restrictive diets. This is a mistake you must avoid.

Practicing sports without monitoring is also a mistake to avoid, because it will not bring you anything good. Instead, opt for a balanced diet and without excess with a sports practice that you enjoy.

Diets should not be thought of as excessive practices. On the contrary, you must above all think about your well-being, about what can make you happy, about what you appreciate, because it is by being fulfilled that you can lose all the kilos that bother you and be more healthy. comfortable in your body and your skin.

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