Home coloring: tips and advice for success!

Home coloring: tips and advice for success!

Want to do your home color? Before you start, discover our tips and tricks for professional results!

With the white hair that is coming, the lack of life and shiny of your hair and a color that is too dull, you have only one desire: redo your color. However, you don’t necessarily want to go to a salon for this.

This is completely understandable, but before doing your coloring yourself at home, it is essential to take several things into consideration. Indeed, it may seem simple to you, but you are not immune to hair disasters. So, **how-to-succeed-home-coloring/? Find out all in this article!

Tips for a successful home color

If you want to redo your color at home, don’t get started without taking into consideration a few tips that could completely save your hair fiber. Indeed, certain gestures are essential for your coloring to be more successful.

It can be gestures during its application or choice of color and texture. What you have to keep in mind is that making your home color is much more complex than you think.

However, you can totally pull it off like a pro. To do this, discover our tips that can save your hair and at the same time your everyday look.

Don’t trust the model on the box

The first thing you need to remember when doing your home color is that you should not rely on the pattern on the box. It is true that the smiling woman on the box may attract you, but her hair color is not necessarily real.

Indeed, the final coloring will depend on your hair texture, the different contrasts, your natural color, etc. It will then be almost impossible for you to achieve the same color as that of the model.

Choosing the right shade

This advice is in the same vein as the previous one, because choosing your shade is not necessarily very easy, especially in view of all the choice available on the market. Moreover, according to colorists, each sees her hair color darker than it already is.

It is therefore important to choose a shade two tones below the one you have. Of course, this only applies if you want to reproduce your natural color.

Longer hair? Two boxes instead of one

If you have long hair, do not buy a single coloring box, because it will not be able to cover all your hair. It is therefore better to opt for two boxes instead of one.

It’s better to do this than to find out during coloring that you’re running out of products. This is a scenario that unfortunately happens often and you can easily avoid it.

Consider your hair texture

If you want to succeed in your home coloring, you absolutely must take into account the texture of your hair, which is essential. Indeed, each type of hair reacts differently to coloring.

For example, if your hair is curly or frizzy, it absorbs color faster. When you tint them, they tend to be cooler and more ashy. It’s the opposite of finer hair that doesn’t absorb color quickly. The result in this case is warmer.

Part your hair

For a successful home color, you must apply it correctly. To do this, you absolutely must not do without parting your hair. It may take longer, but at least you will have the certainty that the results will be more satisfactory.

Also, feel free to use clips to keep each section in place and apply your color more comfortably.

Let your hair down

When you have finished applying your coloration, let your hair down. It is true that many prefer to tie their hair back, but this is a huge mistake, as it can prevent the color from distributing evenly.

However, to avoid staining your clothes and your skin, do not hesitate to acquire a cape. A t-shirt that you no longer wear can also be used comfortably.

Apply a treatment

After your coloring, do not dry your hair right away, apply a treatment instead. A conditioner is often recommended, because it is what allows the cuticles to close and the coloring to be more uniform.

When you buy your coloring, do not throw away the small sachet of care that comes with it. You can also use one that you purchased separately.

Adopt pro gestures

To make your home color a success, professional gestures are essential. If for example you plan to apply a blonde color, you have to start with the lengths, then go up gradually to the roots.

On the contrary, if you apply a darker color, it is important to start from the root. You then have to progress little by little to the tips, mixing everything together.

Avoid smudging

A mistake that often comes up for home coloring is that of smudges on the forehead and temples. This leaves unsightly traces that are not necessarily attractive.

To avoid them, use an oily moisturizer on your skin, as this will not allow the coloring to adhere to your skin.

Make your color last longer

To make your color last longer, you must apply it to healthy hair. The cuticles must therefore be closed and the surface must be smooth.

To achieve this result, a secret must not escape you: you must use vegetable oils. These smooth the hair fiber for an even more satisfying result.

Hair coloring and care

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