Get rid of electric hair: 8 effective tips

Get rid of electric hair: 8 effective tips

Electric hair is far from popular and if you are suffering from this problem, know that you can get rid of it easily. Discover our tips and tricks in this article.

It often happens that our hair becomes electric, especially in winter, and there is nothing more annoying than that, because nobody wants to look like someone struck by lightning.

Fortunately, there are several tips that can effectively get rid of this phenomenon of electric hair. Discover them all in this article!

How to get rid of electric hair effectively?

Before talking about the tips for getting rid of your electric hair, let’s first talk about the causes that can lead to this kind of problem.

There are many of them and it is possible to mention among them:

  • Cold;

  • Synthetic materials;

  • Hair treatments;

  • Styling tools, etc.

In order to be able to get rid of this problem, it is therefore essential to rethink your styling methods, because they are the ones that can be the cause.

Here are the tips you can implement to have beautiful hair all the time.

Opt for a mild shampoo

Since electric hair manifests itself especially in winter, it is necessary to rethink your care routine by choosing a shampoo better adapted to the circumstances.

Your shampoo must therefore be gentle enough to respect your hair fiber.

It must also be able to respect the keratin in order to avoid friction which can lead to electric hair.

You can find many brands offering this type of shampoo. Whether in your favorite cosmetics stores or online.

Use care adapted to your hair

In addition to the choice of shampoo, you must also choose your hair care carefully. Whether it is your conditioner or your creams, they must be able to respect your hair.

You must therefore choose products that adapt to your hair fiber as well as the texture of your hair.

Choose a brush with natural bristles

Your styling tools are just as important as the care you use.

To avoid electric friction and hair, you must use a brush adapted to your needs.

The ideal would be to opt for a brush with natural bristles.

This type of brush is softer and damages the hair less, which is necessary to avoid electric hair.

You will find many different natural hair patterns. Boar bristles are very common for somewhat tough brushes.

Pay attention to temperature changes

Static electricity tends to be more intense with sudden temperature changes. It is therefore important to pay attention to this and try to avoid them as much as possible.

If, for example, you enter your bathroom after spending time outside, it is better to wait a few minutes before styling your hair to prevent it from going all over the place.

Degraded cuts are to be avoided

To avoid electric hair, especially in winter, it is important to think about everything, even your haircut, that you need to change during this season. Layered cuts are not recommended because they make your hair look bulkier.

Instead, opt for straight cuts which weigh down the hair and make it less vulnerable to static electricity.

Avoid synthetic materials

Synthetic materials are the number one enemy of electric hair, which is why they should absolutely be avoided. Therefore, when buying new clothes, pay attention to their material.

It is advisable to opt for natural materials, as they breathe better and prevent your hair from going all over the place and being unattractive.

Dry your laundry naturally

When you wash your clothes, do not dry them in a machine. Instead, it is better to dry it naturally in the open air, especially in winter, even if it is colder.

Indeed, when you dry your laundry in a dryer, you will have electric hair when putting on your clothes. You can also make use of this device, but on condition of interrupting the cycle just before complete drying.

Use a little water

To avoid electric hair during the day, you can very well use a little water. Simply run your hands under the faucet and slowly and gently stroke your hair to eliminate this effect.

You can also use a moisturizer, either for the face or for the hands. The fat will weigh down the hair somewhat, which will prevent you from having electric hair. That’s why you should always keep a cream in your bag.

Take care of your hair

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