Constipation and pregnancy: what solutions?

Constipation and pregnancy: what solutions?

Constipation during pregnancy is a problem that many women encounter. Find out everything you need to know about it in this article!

During pregnancy, pregnant women can experience many things that can significantly impact their quality of life. Among them, it is possible to cite constipation.

Unfortunately, this is a very recurring concern, as many pregnant women are subject to this. It is therefore one of the ailments that comes up most often, which is why you should not panic. Find out in this article what to do against this problem!

Constipation during pregnancy, a recurring problem!

La constipation est un problème récurrent pendant la grossesse

Between 11% and 38% of pregnant women experience constipation during their pregnancy. As you can imagine, it’s a worry that bothers you a lot , because it has a direct impact on their quality of life.

This transit problem can be increased through many factors among which it is possible to cite:

  • A strong secretion of progesterone;

  • Decreased physical activity;

  • Compression of the intestine by the uterus;

  • Food supplements rich in iron, etc.

It should be noted that during pregnancy, the woman’s body tends to secrete, more than usual, progesterone. The latter is responsible for the relaxation of all tissues, especially that of the large intestine. This can therefore naturally lead to constipation and other transit problems.

Of course, the dietary supplements prescribed to improve the health of pregnant women are often rich in iron. This mineral can be responsible for constipation.

What to eat against constipation during pregnancy?

Manger constipation

To avoid constipation during pregnancy, you obviously have to pay attention to your lifestyle and this naturally depends on what you eat. Therefore, certain foods should be favored over others.

Among these, it is possible to cite:

  • Foods rich in fiber;

  • Sufficient hydration;

  • Consume more prunes;

  • Consume dairy products with active bifidus;

  • Incorporate flaxseed into the diet.

To avoid intestinal transit problems during pregnancy, several lifestyle and dietary measures must be taken. It is therefore essential to consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. This avoids bloating and improves intestinal transit.

Moreover, it should be noted that raw vegetables increase the risk of bloating, which is why it is necessary to favor their cooked version.

As for hydration, it is essential to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. This must be chosen carefully, because it must be rich in minerals, especially magnesium. To stay hydrated, you should also think about herbal teas and infusions.

The essential actions against constipation during pregnancy?

gestes essentiels constipation

In addition to the foods that must be favored to avoid constipation during pregnancy, there are also many actions that must be adopted. This allows you to be in better health in general, which is all the same essential.

First of all, it is essential to think about adopting regular physical activity. Be careful, we are not talking about extreme sport, but only about moving enough to avoid intestinal transit problems. Walking, for example, can be an excellent exercise.

You should also drink water as soon as you wake up. It is usually recommended to drink a glass of water when you get up, as this is what helps to wake up the metabolism and start the intestinal transit.

You should also avoid holding back. On the contrary, it is necessary to have a bowel movement as soon as necessary. You have to adopt the right positions to improve transit, because these are solutions that can help improve this problem.

When should you consult?

It is not often necessary to see a doctor if you are pregnant and suffering from constipation. On the other hand, there are certain cases which should alarm you.

Indeed, if despite all the actions mentioned above, you still suffer greatly from constipation, it is better to discuss it with your doctor. He can prescribe a treatment to help you feel better.

In case of urinary tract infection in addition to constipation, it is essential to consult your doctor. It’s not just about your health, but that of your fetus too.

Finally, if you notice bleeding during bowel movements, do not expect anything. It is absolutely crucial to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, as this is an urgent situation.

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