Linea nigra: what does it represent during pregnancy?

Linea nigra: what does it represent during pregnancy?

One of the most significant changes a pregnant woman can experience is that of the linea nigra. Find out all about it in this article!

Pregnancy often comes with its share of questions. A woman’s body goes through a lot of change and this can cause curiosity or worry, which is normal.

Among the things that have this effect, it is possible to cite the famous linea nigra. If you’ve ever had a pregnancy, you probably know what it’s all about. Find out all about it in this article!

Linea nigra, what is it really about?

linea nigra

A pregnancy is often punctuated and punctuated by multiple events that can raise a lot of questions. It turns out that some women see, during this period, a brown line forming on their belly. This is the famous linea nigra.

This line is usually white and often transparent, but it darkens during pregnancy. Located between the pubis and the umbilicus, this line is often judged as unsightly, but nothing can be done about it.

This brown line is a pigmentation that appears following the production of the melanotropic hormone. This is secreted by the placenta. Moreover, its color is determined by melanin.

It is for this reason that the brown line is more prevalent in women with darker skin. However, it should be noted that everyone can be subject to it.

When does the brown line appear during pregnancy?

As a general rule, the brown line tends to appear towards the end of the second trimester, why ? Simply because this is when the placenta causes more melanin production. It is under the effect of pregnancy hormones that this phenomenon takes place.

Moreover, in this case, the brown line is not the only change in pigmentation that can be noticed. This is when pregnant women are most prone to the pregnancy mask.

It is also possible to notice the darkening of the nipples as well as that of the moles. The linea nigra spares no one, although dark skin is more at risk.

Linea nigra, risks for mother and baby?

Often, with the appearance of the brown line, we wonder about the possible risks for the mother and her baby. Well, you should know that this pigmentation presents absolutely no risk for these individuals and their health.

This means in other words that it is benign. This is obviously excellent news, because if you have it, you can rest easy. Your pregnancy will happen in the best conditions.

How to avoid the appearance of the brown line?

linea nigra

The brown line that appears on the belly of pregnant women is a natural phenomenon. This means in other words that it is quite difficult to avoid it, but there are still some tips to apply.

Among them, it is possible to cite:

  • Pay attention to sun exposure;

  • Hydrate the skin sufficiently;

  • To drink a lot of water ;

  • Protect the skin.

This reduces the risk of the appearance of the linea nigra. Also, it is best to avoid all products that tend to dry out the skin. Abrasive scrubs should be excluded from your beauty routine.

If you are pregnant and it is summer, it is best to wear an anti-UV swimsuit and get in the shade as often as possible.

Does the brown line disappear?

As you now know, the brown line is a natural phenomenon and it is far from irreversible. This means that it fades gradually after childbirth. Of course, the speed of this disappearance depends on one woman to another, because each one reacts differently.

Moreover, breastfeeding women tend to keep their linea nigra longer than others. This is important information to keep in mind to see the evolution of your body after the birth of a baby.

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