Massage and pregnancy: is it recommended?

Massage and pregnancy: is it recommended?

Getting a massage while pregnant is a very attractive idea, but is it recommended? Find out what you need to know about it in this article.

While pregnant, many women may feel stressed, irritated, or just plain tired of everything their bodies put them through. This is the reason why many are those who dream of a good massage.

However, it is quite difficult to get started for fear of taking irreversible risks. Indeed, being pregnant implies baby safety too. So, is it possible to have a massage during pregnancy? Find out all in this article!

Things to check before getting a massage

Before getting a massage if you are pregnant, you must first know that it is with a professional that you must go. This does not necessarily cancel out the possible risks involved, which is why there are certain points that it is absolutely necessary to check.

Indeed, you should know that you have to choose the provider carefully, but also the care he uses. These are the two main points to remember. It should be noted that the risks do not necessarily concern gestures.

It is especially the toxicity of the products used that can lead to avoid choosing a practitioner. A tip for choosing better, the shorter the list of ingredients, the better. It is therefore important to ask questions of the chosen professional.

That being said, you should know that several institutes refuse to massage future mothers in their first months of pregnancy. This is because these movements can trigger contractions and in this case a miscarriage.

How to choose the practitioner?

Prenatal massage can be performed by different practitioners, as there is no particular degree or specialty for it. However, it is still important to choose the right professional.

To do this, it is recommended to take a look at its certifications. This allows you to have a little more confidence in those who will take care of your body and your belly when the time comes.

It is also necessary to consult the opinions of the customers as to the reliability of the institute. This is what allows you to learn more about the different providers and their level of expertise.

Finally, it is important that the practitioner knows how to adapt his movements and his treatments to the needs and to the body of each pregnant woman. Remember that everyone reacts differently.

When to get a massage when you are pregnant?

Theoretically, there really isn’t a better time for a massage when you’re pregnant. It is therefore possible to have a massage at all stages of pregnancy. However, it should not be forgotten that many institutes refuse to accept women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

To avoid this, it is therefore important to find out about each institute before starting. That being said, what about the frequency of massage when you are pregnant?

Are there indications and contraindications?

Well, you should know that if possible, it is best to get a massage every day when you are pregnant. It’s quite surprising, isn’t it? It is the Maghreb countries that inspire this.

However, it should not be forgotten that if there are medical contraindications related to the fact of having a massage during pregnancy, it is better to avoid it. The most important thing is to do yourself good and bring well-being to the fetus as well.

Why get a massage when you are pregnant?

Getting a massage while pregnant can have multiple benefits, which is one of the main reasons why more and more pregnant women are turning to this solution.

Among the benefits of this kind of practice, it is possible to mention:

  • The relief of tension in the lower back;

  • The relief of tension in the cervical;

  • Improving poor posture;

  • The improvement of certain muscle and joint pains;

  • Improving the feeling of heavy legs, etc.

As you can see, massages during pregnancy can have miraculous effects. They should therefore not be underestimated.

What to avoid during a massage for pregnant women ————————————————– ——–

Before concluding this article, it is important to know that during massages for pregnant women, there is no strong pressure on the belly. We touch it to stimulate it and make sure to improve and relax certain points.

In addition, softer gestures are to be favored, because this is a delicate situation. We must therefore make sure to help the woman and not to add more suffering to her.